Your Hearing Experts

Meet Our Providers

Josh Parker, MA

Josh Parker founded Hear At Home USA because he realized he needed to change the way audiology practices operate to help more patients. Josh has a deep-rooted desire to help the hearing impaired that stems from the compassion he held for his deaf grandparents.

Josh received a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Humbolt State University. Later, he graduated from Long Beach State with his Masters in Audiology. He has been actively working in the audiology field since 1999 at Parker Hearing Institute and Hear At Home USA since 2020. Josh has used his 20+ years of experience to grow his compassion for his patients and everyone else he meets.

Andrea Huttinger, MA

Andrea (Ann) Huttinger is the lead Audiologist at Residential Hearing Services. She has been working in the field for over 20 years. While at our parent company, Parker Hearing Institute, Ann specialized in pediatric audiology. She holds a deep passion for bringing sound back into the lives of people who have lost it.

Meet Our Technicians

Riley Parker

Riley Parker is the lead Technician at Residential Hearing Services. She is proud to be an Audiologist Aide and be at the forefront of these innovative hearing health services.

Riley received a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Saint Mary’s College of California.